#WASTELESSWEEKDAY: Easy and Practical Tips on how YOU can reduce food waste!

A special segment of #wastelessweekends is appearing on our blog today! We thought to summarise the success of our blog so far, we would create a downloadable poster to remind you of some the ways YOU can make an impact on food waste.

A lot of these tips are featured in more detail throughout our blog. So we will provide some links below to help you guys out! But before you learn about these tips we would love it if you checked out our very first blog post which doubles as an infographic as it gives you some quick facts on food waste.

**Virtual Drum roll please** We present to you our poster of the Easiest and Realest (cus we’re all about keepin it real) tips on reducing food waste!


Click here to download the poster!! (Virtual Hi5!)

So without further a do here are our favourite tips (with extra links) on saving the world, the easy way:

  • Cook your leftovers ( hey this blog is a no-brainer for that 😉 )
  • Plan your meals (we got you covered for this too, check out our easy to use printable planner)
  • Store your foods properly (the fridge is not your best friend, the FREEZER is! Learn more about food storage here.)
  • Juice it! (Bonus points if you turn it into smoothie cubes!)
  • Regrow your food… (In water! One of our most loved blogs from you guys tells you all about how you can be a straight up farmer)
  • Stick to your shopping lists (When you see that 1/2 price, ask yourself if you REALLY need it. Most of the time, lets be honest you don’t)

Some other tips we thought to mention but didn’t make the cut for our poster:

  • Doggy bag it (Whenever you eat out and you have any leftovers, be sure to take it home! Do your part when eating out!)
  • Jam it up! (Got any ripe fruit? Why not make some delicious fruity jam)
  • Compost (is love, compost is life)
  • Tell your friends (This is hopefully a no-brainer, but now that you know how crazy and also easy it is to combat food wastage, tell your mum, tell your dog, tell everyone!)

If you download our printable or use any of these tips let us know using our #uneatenmatters hashtag. We’d love to talk to you on fb, twitter and insta about it!


6 thoughts on “#WASTELESSWEEKDAY: Easy and Practical Tips on how YOU can reduce food waste!

  1. Pickled and fermented foods are some of the longest lasting foods that people often forget about. Pickled foods get a bad wrap, but they’re seriously delicious, and a good way to manage excess fresh produce. Also, miso soup and kimchi! How could you not love it?!


  2. Great tips! I’m definitely showing this post to my sister, because she’s recently trying to control her family’s food waste and here are some very good ideas for her to try. Thank you for sharing all this nice info!


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