Responses from our UneatenMatters pledge (Take the pledge now to save the world!) so far has shown that a whopping 75% of you guys are guilty of “not planning your meals”. *SHOCK HORROR* Meal planning is an easy and effective way to maintain your ‘clean eating’ lifestyle, in terms of both your health and your food waste behaviours! So, cos friends don’t let friends skip Meal Plan Sundays, we’ve put together a fab Weekly Meal Planner to stop you from making excessive impulse purchases and/or waste your entire life savings on food. Our plan includes space for you to record your three daily meals, any uneaten matters (aka leftovers), meal prep to-do’s, grocery list and space to jot down any other notes you may have. Additionally, you can take note of any products approaching it’s ‘expiry’ date, or ripened fresh produce in the ‘eat now’ list to remind yourself to consume these within the week/ASAP!

If you struggle with deciding what to eat day-on-day, a useful tip is to consider themed nights, for example: Taco Tuesdays or Soup sundays. Additionally, try to plan your preparation around batches of meals, (2 dinners and a lunch). You can do this by choosing to work with flexible components of meals.(ie: make a chicken schnitzel for dinner then throw it into a salad the next dat for lunch)

Click here for a downloadable link


Let us know if this has helped you combat your #foodwaste contributions, and what you would like us to cover next.  As always, join more #foodwaste conversations with us on the interwebs via FBInsta, Pinterest Twitter under the hashtag #uneatenmatters! Remember, in the wise words of the queen Regina George herself…




  1. Can I just say this campaign is absolutely brilliant! If we all make use of our uneaten food and leftovers, we would probably save heaps of money (especially important as poor uni students living out of home). Love love love this meal planner. Thanks for making this, it’s beautiful!

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  2. This is so great! Takes all the thinking out of meal planning, and now there’s really no excuse! By eating all of our leftovers, we’re not only helping minimise food waste, we’re also helping out wallets.


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