#CHOPSTICKSWEEK: Vietnamese Spring/Summer Rolls Recipe

Roll into Spring/Summer, with a fresh summer roll! This is a dish that is equally as tasty as it is fun to make!

Coming from a Viet background, this recipe hits close to home. Fresh Spring/Summer Rolls (or Gỏi cuốn) is hands down one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes – I love just about all variations & there is alot!! I’m talking anything from leftover chicken, stir-fried beef, boiled fish, egg or even vege rolls! Heres a fab Pinterest board FYI

This combination today shows a variation of the traditional prawn & pork roll – cos at UneatenMatters, we’re all about the creativity and whipping up something amazing with what you already have in pantry/fridge! All you need is some rice paper (buy at your local asian grocery, or asian section at Woolworths) and mild artisan flair & you’re good to go!

WHAT YOU NEED:vietnamese summer rolls

  • Rice paper paper
  • Vermicelli
  • Cucumber
  • Greens: lettuce, mint, chives
  • Leftover Roast chicken
  • Cocktail Prawns
  • Spare bowl of water (to wet the rice paper)

ROLL’in with the best:

  1. Dip rice paper roll in water and immediately place on plate
  2. Place the greens on the rice paper when softened – with chives sticking out on one side
  3. Place Vermicelli on top
  4. Place meat & prawn on paper – i like to do this few cm away from greens and vermicilli so it can be visible on top of the roll.
  5. Fold ears of the paper on both left and right sides, then take side closest to your body (Bottom) and fold over the toppings – continue to roll until closed!
  6. Serve with dipping sauce & enjoy!

The secret of a good summer roll is the dipping sauce – either peanut hoisin sauce or home-made fish sauce. We make batches of this at home! My mums recipe includes fish sauce, water, chilli, lemon and sugar.

Check out a video version for those who wants me to watch how I roll here.

What’s your favourite Asian recipe to combat leftovers?


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