#WASTELESSWEEKENDS 8 ‘Never Say Die’ foods you can eat after expiry

food you can eat after expiry

Filed under “I won’t be defined by a label” and “you do you”, here are 8 foods you can eat after expiry. Your approach to how you treat and trash food can influence heavily on your waste habits and efforts to save the world!
The key is not to desert your intuition (aka common sense) and recognition of the difference between ‘use by‘ and ‘best before‘ dates (latter guarantees quality freshness – does not concern health safety).


old leftover BREAD
Source: UneatenMatters

At my house hold we religiously only store bread, from sandwiches to turkish bread, in the freezer so they can safely be eaten for many months! Just watch out for sour smells or mould and you’ll be good. Plus, we’re all about stale bread to make croutons or bread crumbs!


Purely in the nature of how cheese is made and aged, theres no surprise that these guys last longer than intended. Hard cheeses (ie: Cheddar, Parmasan) lasts for over a month past expiry regardless of whether it is opened or closed! You can even cut off the mouldy part and eat the rest.



Make sure you store your box of Cheerios properly, with a clip/air tight container in a cool, dry place so you can enjoy brekkie up to six months over the sell-by date. If the cereal losing its initial crunch bothers you, by all means, bake a batch of yummy cereal pops!


Source: paigethecutie

These snacks are processed so although they may lose their crisp crunch, they are 100% still safe to eat. Take out that box of Pringles because it will always be ready to mingle with your taste buds,


Source: Drink and Food

For the festive seasons when you receive 20 odd boxes of chocolates, you won’t need to force (or not) yourself to finish it off in a span of a month. For piece of mind, the white film that forms on old chocolate is not mould, but rather fat/sugar “chocolate bloom“, that is 100% safe to eat. Remember to store it in a cool place!


Source: thatawesomeshirt

Sauces lasts for surprisingly long after their due date, even if they have already been opened. Mustard can last up nearly a year more in the fridge while mayonnaise’s life can be extended a good 3 to 4 months after the expiry date.


Source: Business Insider

Staple in all kitchens. A hack to check whether it is still eggcelent is placing it in a bowl of water. Proceed to cook it if it sinks in the bowl.

Soft drink/Soda

Diet soda lasts up to 4 months past its due date before the artificial sweeteners break down, while regular soda can safely last up to 9 months. If you feel like it has lost its intended fizz, why not save them to make some cocktails?

Do you guys know of any other “diehard” foods? Share them below! Join more #uneatenmatters conversations on the interwebs via FBInsta, Pinterest Twitter!


7 thoughts on “#WASTELESSWEEKENDS 8 ‘Never Say Die’ foods you can eat after expiry

  1. hey thanks for posting this, am always cleaning out the pantry and having to wonder if i should chuck things out, so this is good to know. ALSO for the bakers out there, i gotta add that SUGAR lasts forever too! Same as food dye/colouring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lindy, glad you found it useful! My awareness has def helped put an extra check in before I decide something might be “too old” in my household.

      Thanks for the tip on sugar and food dye/colouring!


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