#WASTELESSWEEKENDS 7 food waste facts that you need to know

We’ve been showing you a lot of practical ways you can turn your uneaten food into food porn. But now, let’s get to some serious business about food waste. Here are some facts that we think you need to know:

1. Australia, we waste about $8 Billion of food every year as a country

Source: Rapgenius

mo money mo problems

2. Thats equivalent to throwing out 1 in every 5 shopping bags of groceries

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.21.10 pm

Repeat the Uneaten Matters affirmation for further guidance: “I will only buy what I need.”

3. Out of the $8 billion of food we waste, the majority of it is fresh food and leftovers

Source: Imgur

You know Julius (AKA Terry Crews) would not approve

Source: Gratefulforfood

4. If we look inside our garbage bins at least 40% of it consists of food

Source: Imgur

5. A lot of the times fresh food gets rejected before it even gets to the groceries because of our high standards 

You know your boyfriend Ryan Gosling would say, “Hey girl, its the inside that really counts”

6. All of this food waste means we’re also using up resources such as fuel and water and contributing to global warming

Source: Greenafricadirectory
Source: Buzzfeed

7. And finally, if you are between 18-24 years old, you are one of the biggest wasters of food

Don’t worry we are as guilty as you are!

We’ve chosen these facts because they’ve spoken to us about the craziness of the food waste issue and Uneaten Matters is all about changing the way we think about food waste.

If any of these facts speak to you why don’t you pledge to save the world with us and tell ur friends about it too. We encourage you to take the time to talk about this issue with your friends and family so you can start to save the world together!

Let us know how you go and comment below with how you’re going to take a stance and save the world with us! Alternatively, you can talk to us our social media pages using the #uneatenmatters!

16 thoughts on “#WASTELESSWEEKENDS 7 food waste facts that you need to know

  1. This is such a big problem worldwide. Have you seen the “Just eat it: a food waste story”? It took an interesting approach to raise awareness on the crazy food waste problem. I think many also don’t realize the amount of resources (water, fuel, etc) that go into growing the food we just throw away.


      1. Thanks for recommending me the documentary! I’m checking it out on Google as we speak… seems like it was made fairly recently so am definitely going to make some time and check it out 🙂 Its really eye opening to think the hidden implications of what food waste does to the environment is even worse than some of the food waste figures themselves!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re welcome! I think they released it last year. They take a more lighthearted approach rather than the doom and gloom, which can be a nice change.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sometimes that actually a lot better, because I find documentaries that focus on the negatives too much don’t leave an inspiring call to action for the viewers! 🙂


    1. Hey thanks for the comment! If you check out my partner in crime Angela’s blog post about not being a wasteful dumbass that’s an awesome start! http://wp.me/p6GVLl-1E

      We’ve also posted heaps of recipes so if you have any uneaten food be sure to check those out to get inspired! 🙂

      Good luck!


  2. This is so important.. for some reason I find that when I’m eating out with a group of friends we tend to leave food on the table more often, versus family outings when we bag it for later! Hate all that wasted potential of food in the bin 😥


    1. Doggy bagging things is definitely the way to go to minimise food waste when you’re eating out!
      That way you get to save the planet and also lose the guilt 😉

      Let us know how it goes for you!


    1. Wow that guy is insane! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 The food issue in Australia was kind of big for a couple of years and its now died down… hopefully more people become more interested with the issue because its one that people can so easily help to fix!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. November 16, 2012Yes they are Nurik. Very important. It is a good idea to record new vocabulary in groups of words. Words occur together very frequently and using them properly will give you a very natural sounding response in both Speaking and WrgK.niiteep practising Nurik!


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