#TUTTIFRUITY: 8 ways to ripen your fruit game

Fruit & Vegetables account for a whopping 45% of worldwide food loss (Check out UN’s Food & Agricultural Organisation’s info-graphic to get the full lowdown) so this week, we’re helping you make a difference in the world while also enjoying yummy and healthy treats! Regardless of what fruits are in season right now (strawberries & mangoes – YAY SUMMER), we’re giving you the run down on 8 ways you can make equally yummy, healthy and beautiful (#foodporn) food with ripe fruits!

1. Dis ma Jam: Why not create your new fav jam to jam it out on a Friday night (or morning)! Depending on how massive your sweet tooth is, you can also control the added sugar intake! This How-to by Eating Well, will only take you 20 minutes tops.

2. Pop out a popsicle and icy treats: Trick your friends with how cool and savvy you are by simply freezing a juice/ smoothie or even sliced fruit of your liking! Makes for a cute and colourful summer snack for a barbie out on the porch. Here’s our take on smoothie ice cubes & Jessica Gavin‘s very worthy #foodporn fruit ice blocks!

3. SCREAM FOR (N)ICE-CREAM! This IS the new hip summer snack and its WAY TOO EASY TO MAKE! Start boasting to your friends to try your vegan, gluten-free and no-added-sugar ice-cream that anyone can make! Here’s our nice cream recipe

4. ROLL IT UP: Throwback to the star of your lunchbox in primary school… ROLL UPS! However, now that we’re a little older (only in regards to age of course), we can add more real fruit and reduce reduce the added sugar overload. Here’s a 20 minute fruit leather (yes that’s what it’s actually called) recipe by Georgia Pellegrini!

5. Smoothies & Juice: FACT: ripe fruits make the tastiest smoothies! Get serious about that summer juice cleanse and go on a serious mission to find your absolute favorite blend of fruits/veges! Check out our fav smoothie and green juice recipes here!

6. Bread: Give your bread some sweet sweet love by adding natural sugars! Get baking and throw in berries, bananas, peaches into your scones, butter bread bases, muffins! Here’s a very beautiful looking buttercream fresh fruit bake by Food.com.

7. Fruit bakes: From the tip that you can bake just about ANYTHING, baking fruits is definitely not an exception! This baked fruit dish by Mary for Taste of Home will def be the center of any picnic rug!

8. Make Crumble: My personal favorite dessert, you can’t go wrong with a classic apple crumble. Here’s our CRUMBTIOUS recipe, inspired by the lovely Essie Button!

Tell us which is your favourite fruity goodness recipe or share any recipes of your own that you love!

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6 thoughts on “#TUTTIFRUITY: 8 ways to ripen your fruit game

  1. Love this post! At The Ugly Apple, we’ve received a lot of feedback expressing a lack of awareness and knowledge of what’s good food and what’s “spoiled” and far too many people throw out their fruits due to a slight bump or bruise. Thanks for sharing these delicious ideas! Another cool non-food related idea to use your ugly fruits to make a face mask -it’ll make you smell good AND look good. Check it out here: https://theuglyapplecampaign.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/3-ugly-fruit-face-masks-your-skin-will-love-you-for/ – VS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! We have also recognised similar issue in relation to proper storage of fruit to prolong their life! We have an emoji edition of a cheat sheet if you’re interested: http://wp.me/p6GVLl-4O.

      I do love a good face mask! I remember back in high school when I used to make face masks with my girlfriends during sleepovers! Love your versions though! x


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