#DATBREADDOUGH: Lets be bread friends!

Bread is one of those foods that gets wasted on the daily. And although it’s so easy for us to just simply chuck that half eaten loaf of bread and buy a new one, our attitude should actually be:

But seriously, it’s time to rekindle our love for bread because it can seriously be a game changer because it is so versatile! So here are aย few facts and tips that we’d think will help you sort out your bread wastage.


  1. Keep your bread in a cool, dry place and air tight
  2. If you want to prolong the life of your bread we recommend to store your bread in the freezer rather than the fridge. (FYI: Placing it in the fridge can actually do more harm than good!)


  1. Croutons
    When life gives you stale bread. Make croutons. Seriously, they’re quick, delicious and they take your salads from 0 to 100 real fast.
  2. Bread crumbsย 
    If you want your schnitzel game to be strong, we recommend you make your own batch of bread crumbs – its actually the SCHNZIT(zel). Check out our recipe to get the hook up.
  3. Meatballs
    Who can say no to meatballs? Stale bread is a great way for you to shape meatballs because they retain all the moisture.
  4. Bread and Butter Pudding
    We thought we’d end on a sweet note so our last recipe is a dessert. Bread and Butter Pudding is essentially a warm hug inย the formย of a dessert. Perfect for winter (or any season really) and will impress all your friends.

Do you know of some other cool ways to use your leftover/stale bread? Comment below or tell us on social media, we’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “#DATBREADDOUGH: Lets be bread friends!

  1. Who knew you could do so many things with leftover, stale bread?! I am definitely going to keep mine and use them for croutons and some meatballs(YUM). I always feel so bad throwing out so much bread when it goes all dry and “inedible”. A huge thank you for all the tips and tricks I need to know about food waste!!


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