#PASTAPLATE 8 (more) ways pasta can please you.

Unless you are an IMPASTA (sorry) to humankind, pasta is a long-time lover for all. So we have complied a list of new and exotic ways your leftover/uneaten pasta can spice up your life! If you love mother nature, be sure to share photos of your zero/reduce waste plates under our #uneatenmatters hashtag via FBInsta & Twitter!

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1. Peanut sesame noodle salad

With asian fusion dining is so in right now, this Kitchn recipe will take you across continents. Using leftover spaghetti as a soba noodle substitute, you can serve this dish ‘cold’ for any occasion. The star of this recipe is obviously the light yet hearty sauce, consisting of peanut butter, sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, red pepper flakes and sugar. Sprinkle with some sesame seeds, sliced spring onions, shredded cucumber and even some chicken to finish it off!

2. Pasta frittatas

Everything is definitely better when it’s fried! Add eggs, flour, milk and cheese into pasta, wack it on to a pan for crunchy goodness! Check out the Uneaten Matters recipe here!

3. Eggs in purgatory / Shakshuka

For when you have some leftover (tomato-based) pasta sauce, simmer it on a pan and break some in eggs baked to gooey perfection. Sprinkle some cheese, and serve it right off the pan with some toast! With every bite, you’ll be thinking you took a trip to The Grounds. Here’s Lana’s simple recipe from Never Enough Thyme.

4. Spaghetti aglio e olio

Don’t be turned off by it’s fancy name! Cooking this pasta is not only extremely easy, but it also comes with ‘respect points’ from your friends as they crown you as a cultured food connoisseur! This recipe hits close to home for the both of us here at Uneaten Matters!

5. Cheesy tortolini bake

Tasting as good as it looks, baked pasta is a great way to use up uneaten or leftover ingredients lying around in your fridge or freezer! This Centre, cut, cook recipe uses lots of cheese, ham, broccoli topped with some bread crumbs and butter for extra crunch!

6. Misc. Pasta Casserole 

Same kind of deal with the pasta bake, however I’d say a casserole gives you more flexibility into the variety of ingredients you can add! The possibilities are endless from chopped veges, pickled veges, herbs, all kinds of cheeses, nuts, capers, chickpeas, potatoes… Here’s a free-form casserole by Kitchn.

7. Taleggio Panini

Courtesy of FoodNetwork, take your grilled cheese to another level by spreading a layer of leftover pasta sauce before your fav. melty cheese on a slice of crusty bread. Top it with another bread and toast in a skillet or panini press!

8. Sweet cinnamon pasta pudding / Noodle Kugel

When it comes to pasta, you can have it and eat it too! Why limit your love for pasta during your mains? This Jewish-inspired dessert by Dave Lieberman sweetens your leftover fettuccine with cinnamon, sugar, vanilla extract, butter, sour cream, eggs and ricotta cheese! Don’t judge it until you try it!


6 thoughts on “#PASTAPLATE 8 (more) ways pasta can please you.

  1. These recipes are legit life changing!!! I am now able to cook pasta many different ways without getting bored of cooking. Can you please create a recipe on different ways to cook rice???


    1. Glad you found them helpful Alan! I always love it when I find new recipes to spice it up! (pun intended – always) HAHA. Tag us in any recipes you make, we would love to see them! Keep your eyes peeled for that rice recipe (and more!), we do a different theme every week! Make sure to follow us on any of our social media sites to keep updated!


  2. These are some FANTASTIC re-purposing ideas! My college roommate and I used to make “eggs in purgatory” all the time with leftover pasta sauce. Such a great broke college kid hack, haha!


    1. Thanks for supporting us Beth! 🙂 I’m all about baked eggs and brunch food so egg in purgatory is one of my favs as well! :’) Always makes you feel a little bit fancy, cos it’s not the typical #brokecollegeprobs of scrambled eggs HAHA


  3. Recipe #8. REALLY? I have never heard of it.

    Ladies, great job on these ideas! Keep them rolling, these will come in handy when I’m living alone.. and therefore cooking for one as well.


    1. Yeah it has a fancy (and foreign) name doesn’t it? I think it is pretty simple enough to make though!
      Yay! Here at uneatenmatters we do try to help out young people who have moved out of home, to make the whole prospect of cooking for themselves less daunting + reduce their food waste behaviours! Glad you have found these helpful Carmen! We post up different themed recipes weekly, so make sure to follow us on social media to keep updated! x


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