Lets Talk ‘Bout Food Waste

Welcome to Uneaten Matters!

We’re a social movement dedicated to getting young peeps (18-24 yr olds hollaaa) to minimise their food wastage habits.

We know the struggle is real so we’ll be covering tons of practical ways you can make a positive impact in your homes in reducing food waste!

Before we give you practical advice on food wastage, we thought it would be good to start off with some facts.

  • Food is the largest component of household waste [1]
  • Roughly 1/3Β of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted [2]
  • 60.3% of household waste in a week comes from fresh food and leftovers [3]
  • When we toss food in the bin we’re not only wasting the food but the resources it takes to make it [4]
  • Australians throwΒ out 1/5 shopping bags worth of groceries every year [5]
  • Each NSW household throws away more than $1000 of edible food each year [6]

TL;DR kinda person? We’ve got your back. Check out our infographic!


We hope this page alongside our social media will be your dedicated sauce (beware of the never-ending food puns) of all things foodwaste, leftovers and uneatenmatters.

Participate in our movement using the hashtag #uneatenmatters so we can follow you on the journey too!

Hope to see you here again soon,

Angela and Clarissa


6 thoughts on “Lets Talk ‘Bout Food Waste

  1. It truly is surprising how much household food waste is produced. I used to work at a restaurant and the food wastage was shocking, but I never realised that a similar thing happens in households! It’s such a paradox that there is so much food wastage in not only Australia but also other countries around the world when there is also a huge problem of starvation in parts of the world. I’m looking forward to further posts throughout your campaign, would love to discover ways we can minimise food wastage!

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    1. Lots of people assume that large organisations are responsible for food waste, but households make up a large portion of it too! We hope our site gives you some practical advice on how you can combat food wastage πŸ™‚ We’ve posted some recipes you can use if you ever find you have some leftovers that you don’t know how to utilise. Thanks for your support!

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